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Dec 14, 2017 8:02:00 AM

The Transition to First Price Auctions: Leverage Our Best Practices to Get it Right

Adomik’s new best practices white paper will help publishers make the most of the first price transition To help publishers make the most of the transition to programmatic first price auctions, Adomik has published a best practices white paper to help publishers refine their approach to demand,...

The Transition to First Price Auctions: Leverage Our Best Practices to Get it Right

Adomik Awarded #14 ranking in Deloitte 2017 Technology Fast 500 for Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)

Holistic Yield Management: A Business-Critical Practice for the Modern Publisher

5 Golden Rules to Header Bidding Success, Introduction

Adomik Awarded #3 ranking in Deloitte 2017 TECHNOLOGY FAST 50

Publisher Trending Topics: Heard at Digiday Programmatic Media Summit in New Orleans

November MarketWatch Data: Best of 5 Markets: Trends, Devices & Best Buyers

How Defy Media uses Adomik to increase revenue and better understand buyer behavior - A Case Study

How PCH Media "Matches the Market" with Adomik’s Automated Price Optimization - A Case Study

Adomik and PCH Media will present at Digiday Programmatic Media Summit in New Orleans November 13th

3 Reasons Why Automated Floor Price Optimization Drives More Revenue in Header Bidding Set Ups, Part 2

3 Reasons Why Automated Floor Price Optimization Drives More Revenue in Header Bidding Set Ups, Part 1

Best Practices: The Move to First-Price Auctions: Part 5, Monitoring

Best Practices: The Move to First-Price Auctions: Part 4, PMPs

Best Practices: The Move to First-Price Auctions: Part 3, Open Auction Floor Management

Best Practices: The Move to First-Price Auctions: Part 2, Demand Management

Best Practices: The Move to First-Price Auctions: An Overview

Holistic Yield Management, Part 5: Unification of Data Operations

Holistic Yield Management, Part 4: Unification of Demand Management

Holistic Yield Management, Part 3: Unification of Sales Channels

Adomik Awarded the National French Tech Pass for the Third Consecutive Year

Holistic Yield Management, Part 2: Unification of Impression Mechanics

Holistic Yield Management: An Overview, Definition, and Strategies

Header Bidding Event in Paris hosted by Adomik

Meet Adomik at dmexco 2017

AdExchanger: The Guardian uses Adomik's unified analytics tools for holistic yield management

Our customers tell the greatest stories: Check out Adomik’s new case studies.

Adomik introduces the first-of-its kind holistic yield management platform to drive revenue insights and put publishers back in control

Adomik at Cannes 2017

Adomik at Admonsters OPS 2017

Adomik partners with Audience Square Publisher Co-op to deliver programmatic insights to its member publishers

Meet Adomik at Dmexco 2016 Cologne

Meet Adomik at AdMonsters Ops 2016 NYC

Check out Adomik's Customer Case Studies

Meet at Mobile World Congress: See Adomik's programmatic yield management solutions for mobile

Programmatic Channel Allocation, Part 2: Holistic Yield Management with PMP, Programmatic Direct, & RTB

Programmatic Inventory Channel Allocation: Part 1: General Channel Overview

Meet Adomik at AdExchanger's Industry Preview!

Learning to Master Programmatic Analytics for Publishers

RTB Yield Management: Auction Mechanism Basics

Get your Private Marketplace (PMP) Strategy ready for 2016

The Top 5 Programmatic Yield Management Challenges

Holistic Yield Management: Programmatic channel definition and allocation across PMP, Programmatic direct and RTB

Command your programmatic seller trading data - the lifeblood of modern media selling.

Pricing programmatic inventory: using data and insights to get it right

An overview of yield management in a programmatic world

Programmatic Selling Technology + Complexity = Challenges

A General Overview of Programmatic Selling Channels

Adomik's COO Shaevitz: The Golden Programmatic Mean & Data Driven Programmatic Publishing

The Programmatic Media Landscape: Different Roles and Actors

A worthy listen for digital media sellers: Ben Thomson & James Allworth's Exponent: All About Ads

Programmatic Advertising: A definition and Initial Impacts

Introducing the Programmatic Yield Management Handbook, a multi-part series

Free Whitepaper: How to fix programmatic private marketplaces

Adomik Honored with Digiday Signal Award for Analytics Platforms

Is "Adblockalypse Now" coming for programmatic yield?

Adomik launches Deal Maker yield management software to improve the performance and yield of programmatic private marketplaces (PMP)

Programmatic Publishers: A quick Q&A with Programmatic Advertising's Slant

Come see Adomik's programmatic yield management solutions in person!

Is Header Bidding the New Black (for programmatic revenue)?

Former founder and CEO of Admeld joins Adomik Board of Directors

A digital publisher must read: PageFair & Adobe AdBlocking Report from 8/2015 (Summer Speed Reading)

The year in programmatic: IAB's Programmatic Revenue Report (Speed Read Version)

Data-driven publishing, part 2: To avoid a sell-side “Programmageddon”, here's what publishers can do.

Data-driven Publishing: Avoiding publisher “Programmageddon”.

How to get the most from programmatic private marketplaces [free download]

Are we at the inflection point of “free"?

The Great Impression Winnowing of 2015

How transparency in today’s programmatic market can help create the next SnapChat.

Avoiding another RTB Unicorn

Two-way transparency is the key to solving programmatic market imbalances

The two post-launch activities that will insure your private marketplaces work

The top 5 (pre-deal) keys to getting Private Marketplaces right.

Adomik Presents at ExchangeWire's ATS Paris

The Road Ahead for Publisher Co-Ops

How to fix private marketplaces (PMP)

How increased digital publisher confidence in programmatic channels will grow the market

Publishers: Don't Bring a Nerf Bat to a Knife Fight.

Adomik approved for French Tech Pass

A Long-term RTB Relationship Is Not An Oxymoron

Introducing the Adomik Blog

Adomik Hires Several Ad Tech Vets To Lead New NY Office

ExchangeWire TraderTalk TV with Adomik's Jeff Bernard: optimization strategies for programmatic publishers.

Adomik honored to be mentioned in the New Paris Tech Guide

Adomik's COO Jonathon Shaevitz interview at Advertising Week 2014

Coverage of our new office in NewYork from the JDN.

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