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Jan 12, 2018 7:00:00 AM

Adomik empowers Fairfax Media to increase understanding and gain control of inventory.

As one of the largest media conglomerates in the Asia-Pacific market, Fairfax Media engages the attention of more than 7 million visitors per month. In 2014, to operate across this scale Fairfax adopted programmatic channels to manage yield more efficiently.

The opportunity

As programmatic and RTB rapidly evolved, Fairfax needed cutting-edge programmatic analytics
to remain agile, responsive and ahead of market changes -- and they knew that building a solution
themselves would be a distraction and prevent them from having up-to-date technology. The Fairfax team sought a complete technology solution to satisfy their requirements and allow them to gain control of and better understand their inventory. Adomik fulfilled these needs was chosen as a partner.

The story

Beginning in September 2014 the Fairfax team began working with the Adomik platform to obtain
transparency and understanding about their programmatic business. Within the first 6 months,
Fairfax had increased average monthly programmatic inventory revenue by 40%. 

To find out more how they made these gains, please click here:



Topics: programmatic analytics, data driven programmatic publishing, floor price optimization, case study

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