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Nov 9, 2017 8:00:00 AM

How PCH Media "Matches the Market" with Adomik’s Automated Price Optimization - A Case Study

Adomik is proud to release a case study with our Partner, PCH Media


An American household brand name for over 60 years, Publishers Clearing House may be best known for its surprise sweepstakes prizes. But PCH is more than just “big checks.”

As a publisher and a retailer, PCH combines first-party identity and purchase data from customers to offer deep insights about what motivates them. PCH Media makes this data available to marketers too, with digital media and targeting solutions that persuade people to action.

The Opportunity:

As PCH Media began to examine its programmatic channels, it became clear that maximizing Open RTB revenue represented a huge opportunity. The team sought a scalable way to identify optimization opportunities and get daily pricing rules written to maximize earnings as the market changed. As a result, Claire Farley, Head of Media & Operations sought solutions to automate pricing to match the market so that exchange revenue could be maximized, allowing the team to focus on buyer relationships, inventory strategies, and testing out new header partners.

The Story:

By leveraging Adomik’s automated price optimization with their header bidding setup and Adomik's cross-stack analytics, PCH Media increased holistic revenue across all of their monetization partners by 17%.

To find out how, click below to download the white paper.



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