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New Product Launch! Discover SELL, Adomik’s Programmatic market index and benchmarking tool!

We Are Very Excited To Announce The Launch Of Sell*!

Sell is our revamped exclusive advertising market index and benchmarking tool, available in the US, UK, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and Spain. . It includes a new UI and some new features such as Market Alerts, tailored to your success.

It is ideal to:

  • Monitor programmatic demand activity
  • Compare your business to the market
  • Discover new opportunities to grow your advertising revenue
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With Sell, when you log into the Adomik Platform,

Source: Adomik Sell

  • You’ll read about Market figures, Top brands and Top buyers buying deals
  • You will react to hunt new demand & farm your successful relationship with buyers
  • Monitor how you leverage transaction types vs the market
  • Refine your pricing strategy
  • Understand how and where the market is growing compared to your own business
  • Detect how SSPs are connected to demand
  • Identify inventory scopes that are driving demand

*It is currently (June 25th, 2019) available in the USA, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and Spain

Below is an extract from Sell market data in the USA:

1. Market Figures for April**:


Market Revenue Trends

US Market Revenue Growth: -11.2%. The drop in revenue mainly caused by a decrease in both impressions (- 2.3%) and CPM (- 9.1%).

Zoom on deals

US Deals Market Revenue Growth: -21.8%

Deal Revenue Market Share: 17%

The drop in revenue from March to April comes as no surprise and is in line with historical data. The drop is more pronounced for the PMP market, with major brands such as Target, AT&T, Hyundai and State Farm reducing significantly their spend.

2. Top 5 Brands Spending on Deals in April**

Source: Adomik Sell


The top brands are pretty stable month-on-month, with Target as a new entry and Hyundai exiting the top 5.

3. Top 5 Buyers Spending on Deals in April**


Source: Adomik Sell


**Data extracted from Adomik Sell for the period between March 1st to 31st and April 1st to 30th.

You can subscribe to a newsletter called “Sell Newsletter” in order to receive the above data. It is a monthly newsletter, sending you the above programmatic market data and a short analysis for your country. It is available in the USA, UK, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and Spain. If you are interested in staying up to-date with the programmatic market, feel free to subscribe.



Learn How Prisma Media Reconciles Its Advertising Data Flows and Uses the Adomik Platform

French publishers joined our Paris breakfast in December 2018 to discuss challenges about data flow reconciliation during a panel with some of our French clients, including Prisma Media.

We interviewed Gael Demessant, Programmatic and Yield Director at Prisma Media, to understand more about how they reconcile advertising data flows and how they use the Adomik platform. Below you can find the video and the full interview.

For the occasion, Jean-François Bernard, CPO at Adomik, presented an analysis of the state of the French programmatic market that we wanted to share with you. Click below to download the full presentation.




Gael Demessant, Programmatic and Yield Director at Prisma Media December 7th 2018, Paris, France


Adomik: Have you noticed a clear evolution towards EB and TAM solutions at Prisma Media?

GAEL DEMESSANT: “At Prisma, we have been using EBDA for a few months – Google’s server side solution. We have SSPs that are in EBDA and on Pre-bid for example. Although these two are put in place, we have noticed a significant share of income EBDA in server-side. Concerning TAM, we have also implemented their solution, but with fewer partners, two for now on server-side in TAM, and indeed we see that this could bring us an incremental if we set it up.”


Adomik: Regarding the reconciliation of data flows, what were the needs you identified?

GAEL DEMESSANT: “We needed a tool that instantly provided us with a notion of our RPM, in order to know that an editor can decide on which content to set up, be it a slide, video, or sections to target. Not for viewed pages, but in terms of making a significant turnover, and to have an ROI like advertising can do on the other hand.”


Adomik: How do you use the Adomik Platform?

GAEL DEMESSANT: “We use it in several ways:

  • Commercial programmatic, via Marketwatch (currently called “SELL”) to have unified data with a strong granularity on buyers: this is important for us to make decisions, and also to challenge SSPs, to know with which SSPs the buyers buy on.
  • For data reconciliation
  • And Manage allows us to trace the data in our BI in order to have the most granularity as possible.

Several departments within our company use the Adomik platform.”

The Adomik Breakfasts

Adomik breakfast is a meeting place for publishers who want to understand more about their stack. At our breakfasts we dive into the challenges about monetization.



Adomik Breakfast Panel, December 7th 2018, Paris