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Benchmark Update: Compare your Performance per Industry Market Segment

What are market segments?

We are pleased to announce that a segmentation per industry market is now available in your Benchmark app. You can now compare your revenue, impressions, CPM and performance against similar market segments.

Some market segments available today :

  • Lifestyle and entertainment: any type of media publishers or specialized press (for example automotive media)
  • News media: with a clear focus on news / general information
  • Retail and services: e-commerce sites, weather or webmail services
  • TV and Radio
  • Video streaming
  • Gaming

Where can I find the market segments?

You will find these market segments in Benchmark Market Overview and Benchmark Analytics, whether you are looking at the whole market or benchmarking your performance against your own industry market segment only.

Benchmark Market Overview

In Benchmark Market Overview, you will be able to:

  • Select any market segment and view its ecosystem in the market
  • Assess each segment own prices and demand specificities

Benchmark `Overview

Source: Adomik Benchmark Market Overview

Benchmark Analytics

In Benchmark Analytics, you will be able to:

  • Compare your revenue, impressions and CPM against similar publishers in your own market segment
  • Identify relevant opportunities by finding campaigns where you are over-performing or underperforming the market

Benchmark Analytics









Source: Adomik Benchmark Analytics

Here’s an example of market segments utilisation in Adomik Benchmark Analytics:

Publisher A has a total revenue of 100 000$.

Publisher A belongs to market segment “Retail and Services”.

Publisher A has access to the France Benchmark program.

On the totality of the FR program, brand Renault SoV is 4%.

On the “Retail and services” submarket, brand Renault SoV is 1%.

Publisher A has a 2% SoV with brand Renault.

-> Publisher A’s gap on the totality of the market is

2000$ – 4000$ = -2000$ (Publisher A is not performing well compared to the global market)

-> Publisher A’s gap on the Retail and Services submarket is

2000$ – 1000$ = +1000$ (in fact Publisher A is over-performing his peer market. Only comparing to similar sellers, we can see that Publisher A has a positive gap! The seller categories allow the publishers to better identify their real gaps and opportunities vs comparable supply, vs their true competitors)


The industry market segments are available for the US, French, Spanish, Dutch, Belgian, Japanese BENCHMARK programs. They will soon be available for the UK, Germany, Australia and Italy.

For more information on the Benchmark App and on the industry market segments, contact us! 



Alternatively, you will also find useful information in the Adomik Knowledge base, i.e. the web self-service Helpdesk.

Product Update: GAM Key Value in Report

We would like to share with you a new feature released recently on Report App, which will greatly improve your experience with the Adomik platform.

GAM Key-values can be used to share information about 1st-party audience segments, ad slots or even the context of the ads you display. They are now available for reporting in the Dashboard Ecosystem and Data download of REPORT. You can also filter on them from the Scope section. Combining your Key Values with your monetization data has multiple benefits; a few examples below:

  • Work out Revenue and CPM per audience segment – gender, age, etc.
  • Identify the audience segments generating the best performance in RPM, CTR, Viewability
  • Conduct report analysis based on your own ad slot or contextual categories
  • Rely on REPORT cross-stack monetization metrics to create high quality packages for your PMPs
  • Track your A/B test results


If you have any questions about the new feature or about Report, feel free to contact us ! 



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