Our team in the US is growing! 

Jack Wagner, Senior Director of Partnerships, and Pierre Lamiche, Sales Engineer, have recently joined us to manage and grow our client portfolio and to cater for specific needs of the U.S. market. 

Along with existing Adomikers Carolyn Vasilevski (Technical Account Manager) and Darius Dubois (Publisher Account Executive), they make a strong team with diverse backgrounds in Ad-Tech, and ready to cater to each client’s needs more than ever.

Jack Wagner has been involved in the digital technology space for over 15 years and has consistently had fantastic results in helping technology companies launch, manage, and develop new technology products; growing business development teams while maintaining strong publisher inventory partnerships. 

Pierre has a strong background in AdTech, including data analysis, and business intelligence, which he gained by working for the DSP Adot ,the agency Numberly and having done consulting in BI.

Jack, Senior Director of Partnerships, says: 

“I’m excited to help Adomik expand our US market client base at this very critical stage for publishers. I’m very confident that publishers in the US will continue to move to a much more data driven sales approach to leverage platforms like Adomik, which helps resolve monetization reporting and selling technology complexities by providing valuable insight.”

Pierre, Sales Engineer, says : 

“My previous experiences made it clear for me that the publishers have been struggling with the Ad-Tech ecosystem complexity and lack of transparency. That is why I am truly excited to join Adomik’s US team and address those challenges!”

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